We are currently offering the Groove-To-Go program at the following locations:

Colfax – Classes @ Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool

Classes at Shady Grove begin Wednesday, September 11, 2019! Last class is Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Shady Grove Wesleyan Church Preschool
119 N. Bunker Hill Road
Colfax, NC 27235

Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm – Ages 2-5 – Ballet & Creative Movement

Students will learn beginning ballet technique while also still working on locomotor skills that translate into dance steps in the future (ie. pony gallops that become chasses, bunny hops that become sautes, princess walks on their toes that later become bourres.) Creative Movement is structured dance that is mimicking things they are already familiar with.

Students will need to pack a lunch and wear something they can move around and dance well in on this day! (Leggings and a top, cotton shorts and a top, leotard and tights layered under a dress that can be taken off from over top, etc.) Ballet shoes or bare feet are just fine. It’s like dance and lunch-bunch, in one!

  • $30 Annual Registration Fee Per Student
  • $585 for the school year OR $65 per month tuition installment (9 installments September through May)
  • Call us at (336) 740-6891 or email info@destinationartscenter.com for more information!


Oak Ridge – Destination Arts

Oak Ridge houses our full studio location, Destination Arts. Please click here for more info.

Mrs Cameron and Groove-to-Go Dancers
Destination Arts

We are a proud member of the National Dance Education Organization, and most specifically, the NC Chapter!